Located in the Grand Galaxy City residential housing which is the closest to Jakarta and are in a "New Golden Triangle" industrial growth centers, offices, residential and commercial in Bekasi.

Grand Galaxy Park Mall is built with the go green concept and integrated with residential area of Grand Galaxy City.

Grand Galaxy Park is a project of ASRI (a subsidiary of Agung Sedayu Group), a development which has been designed without compromising the aesthetic value and overriding the surrounding environment makes Grand Galaxy Park Mall as an oasis in the city of Bekasi, particularly for residents in Grand Galaxy City and surrounding areas, so the Grand Galaxy Mall can be a destination for families and relatives to hang out. Equipped with facilities such as function hall and the outdoor area which are open until midnight (festival district and alfresco), as well as to complement the everyday needs at Farmers Market, H&M store and FLIX, completing the Grand Galaxy Park Mall.


Jl. Grand Galaxy Boulevard no. 1, Bekasi
+62 21 29613300


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